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The intricate landscape of business resilience is evolving.

Secure your business's future with Aethr's Business Resilience Assessment. Act now to manage evolving risks effectively!

Evaluating the resilience of a business is complex and with new expectations like CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive - EU) businesses must set out their exposure to climate change risk and their liability for the transition to net zero.


Aethr have created the Business Resilience Assessment to enable businesses to quickly and effectively profile their risk exposure and determine how they can make their businesses more resilient.


The test combines feedback and insight from one or multiple leaders in your business and then evaluates what mitigations are in place.


This is carried out remotely utilising feedback tools and then concluded with a recommendations report.


Secure your business's future for as little as £5k, and develop a proactive approach to managing your business risk.

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